Saturday, July 11, 2009

The train journey

Trains have always been a source of attraction for me, right from my childhood. I used to remember proudly about my trips to Chennai-the then Madras. I felt proud to say it among my classmates that I travelled in train. I made less than five journeys before I joined my college. No wonder, when I was asked to speak on a familiar topic, I picked on railways.

But time changes our views and experiences. During my college days I travelled more, and I had to. It was then when I made the longest train journey yet in my life. From Thrissur to Pune, a journey that spanned nearly a day and half. It was for attending ROBOCON, an unforgettable chapter of my life.
But time keeps rolling. It keeps altering your life, everyday though you may not feel it. My association with trains got an entirely new dimension after I joined Bosch. I began to travel nearly two times every week in the train. A journey that lasts 4 hours meant a lot to me. Once from Pattambi to Coimbatore on Sundays and back on Friday or Saturday.

These 8 hours I spent talking to a friend who is coming with me, or listening to music in my favourite phone, or simply thinking of something. But whenever I spent time thinking, I never felt it a waste. I used to look around and tried to make out my view- I am never good at it, especially when compared to Prasanth, my collegue, friend and mansionmate. I used to ponder why Nila or Bharathappuzha was dried up so much.

I met so many people, with wide perspectives- a man who co-designed for rejuvenating a tsunami struck village, an IITian who works as a freelancer, a Boschler whom I never saw until then, and many, many more. Their views, many you agree and many you won't however gives you a new perspective of thought.

May be you are wondering why I deviated so much from train. Well, I just shared my memories which I associate with trains. Anyway I wanted to share one my recent train journeys, but let's postpone for the next post.